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Compressed air blasting

The abrasive is being transported by a high velocity compressed air stream. The operator is able to blast large objects and parts of the work pieces which are otherwise difficult to reach.

Blast rooms and cabinets
When blasting in a factory environment, a blast room or blast cabinet can generate considerable cost savings because a non-expendable abrasive can be used. In the blast room the air is filtered and the abrasive is collected and air washed to be used again. Savings are made by reduction of the cost of abrasive itself, but also on transportation and deposal costs.
Our High Carbon Steel Grit GH is intended to be used in blast rooms. The abrasive is very hard (60-64 HRC) and therefore it stays angular and has a quick cleaning rate.  In cases where ferrous contamination is not allowed our aluminium oxide and glass beads are often used.

Open blasting
Open blasting is performed where there is a need to blast on site or when there is no blast room or cabinet available. Since it is a rather difficult operation to collect and recycle the abrasive in an outside environment mainly expendable abrasives are being used for such operations. Airblast Abrasives B.V. supplies garnet and aluminium silicate for open blasting operations.



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